Ng?ti Wh?tua ?r?kei maori very unhappy with Auckland Council’s Maori Ward decision

Auckland Council “sidestepped” an opportunity to introduce a compulsory M?ori councillor role, a local iwi says.

On Thursday, 10 Auckland councillors voted in favour to establish a Maori ward, in principle, while five voted against it. Six did not vote because they were not at the meeting.

Due to complex logistical challenges, introducing a M?ori ward immediately was not possible without changes to current legislation first, councillors said.

Ng?ti Wh?tua ?r?kei spokesman Ngarimu Blair said the councillors’ decision showed a lack of effectiveness around current M?ori representation.

“It was a sidestep by the council. It’s time that all of the mechanisms which engage iwi and M?ori communities are reviewed, otherwise the chance of getting M?ori wards and seats established will keep getting put off,” Blair said.

Maori are in a damned rush to have all these changes chiseled in stone before the voters come for the politicians that are flushing their birthrights down the shitter.??

Like a seasoned politician, Goff tries to straddle the fence while not doing a thing to stop Maori gaining unearned powers.

Mayor Phil Goff said he agreed with having an elected M?ori representative in principle, but feared the division a referendum could cause Auckland.

“We need to avoid that grievance festering and getting worse,” Goff said.

Names have been noted.? ?The anger that this is causing will easily fund some very effective campaigns in two years time.

Councillors in favour:

* Phil Goff
* Cathy Casey
* Efeso Collins
* Chris Darby
* Alf Filipaina
* Richard Hills
* Penny Hulse
* Mike Lee
* John Walker
* John Watson

Councillors against:

* Bill Cashmore
* Ross Clow
* Greg Sayers
* Desley Simpson
* Sharon Stewart

Not present:

* Linda Cooper
* Christine Fletcher
* Denise Lee
* Daniel Newman
* Dick Quax
* Wayne Walker