Not Internal Affairs either, that just leaves National operatives as the leakers

Internal Affairs has declared it wasn’t any of their staff who leaked Winston’s pension details:

A third investigation into who leaked information about Winston Peters’ superannuation overpayments has failed to find who was responsible.

The New Zealand First leader admitted last month that he had been getting more money than he was entitled to, but that when he found out, he repaid what he owed.

However, questions were raised about who leaked the details and several investigations were initiated.

The Department of Internal Affairs looked into whether any staff in ministerial offices received or passed on any information about the matter.

It said it found that five employees had received the information before it was reported by the media, but there was no evidence that it was passed on to journalists or other third parties.

But what about people who used to work in ministerial offices who now are working in the campaign office of National?

Earlier today, the Ministry of Social Development said its investigation had cleared its staff of any wrongdoing.

A third investigation by Inland Revenue found it held none of the relevant information, so it could not have been the source of the leak.

The Ministry said all staff who had access to the relevant information had a reasonable business purpose for accessing it, and there was no evidence the information was passed to a third party.

The ministry said the investigation involved both data searches and staff interviews.

Both Social Development Minister Anne Tolley and State Services Minister Paula Bennett had been briefed about the matter by their departments under the ‘no surprises’ policy.

Ministerial Services is investigating how the information was handled in the relevant offices.

Prime Minister Bill English’s chief of staff, Wayne Eagleson, was also briefed.

Mr English has previously said the leak didn’t come from the Beehive or the National Party.

Yeah, sorry Bill, but your people are the only ones left standing now.

Again, Occam’s razor says it is one of your people.

Who will National chuck under the bus?


-Radio NZ


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