This is what you should not do, so let that be a lesson to you

In politics avoiding potentially embarrassing situations can be the difference between being seen as a serious political figure and a laughing stock. An ill-timed photo or one deliberately staged by the photographer to poke fun at a politician can damage their reputation.

[…] Similarly, best not pose for photographs prone in long grass, walk any planks or eat any hotdogs in public – lest an iconic moment is created for all the wrong reasons.

Former Conservatives leader Colin Craig.

Former PM John Key

[…] Or a better piece of advice: for one week at least, refrain from talking in any situation about how much you’d like to introduce a capital gains tax – you just have to get past this annoying thing called democracy first.

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern – screenshot Whaleoil

It is also a good idea not to return to the campaign spotlight after being forced to step down for cheating the welfare system in order to bang on about how the welfare system is broken.


So yes, we’re in the home-stretch. It’s the sprint at the end of the marathon and the time to call on the final reserves, rest assured that in the next week, there’s plenty to go wrong yet.


I suggest our politicians keep away from pens, bananas, and children for the last few days of the election campaign

Leader of the party for freedom Geert Wilders

Labour party politician David Miliband

Former Vice President Al Gore


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