Paula Bennett explains why there is no Ministry for Men

Leakier than a colander hat in a cyclone

Women’s Minister Paula Bennett is encouraging all New Zealanders to take some time tomorrow, on Suffrage Day, to reflect on women’s rights in New Zealand.

“I’m so proud to live in a country that was the first in the world to give women the vote. I hope all New Zealanders take time to reflect on that tomorrow and just how far we’ve come,” Mrs Bennett says.

“Kate Sheppard and the other suffragists fought for years to give women this right and did this country proud.

“This Government has continued to support women. In the public sector 45 per cent of people on state sector boards are women, 46 per cent of women in senior leadership roles in the public service, we’ve introduced pay equity principles and we’ve settled a $2 billion pay equity claim for 55,000 care and support workers.

“We still have so much more to achieve though. We have a 9.4 per cent Gender Pay Gap. This recently reduced from 12 per cent – but in 2017, we just shouldn’t have one. We’re working with the private sector to encourage them to measure their Gender Pay Gap and to work to reduce it.

“I’m often asked why we have a Ministry for Women and not a Ministry for Men. My answer is simple – when we no longer have a Gender Pay Gap and women aren’t predominantly the victims of domestic and sexual violence, I’ll happily shut it down.

“Until then, we should continue to focus on improving the lives on women and girls in this country. Anniversaries like this are the perfect time to reflect on that,” Mrs Bennett says.

Can we take the Maori stats out of it and then look at them again?  Perhaps all we need is a Ministry of Making Maori Behave Like Civilised People and then (white) males don’t have to carry all the guilt and inferred responsibility for the dreadful life women have in this country?

Paula Bennett is the same woman under suspicion, AGAIN, for leaking private details to the press through her henchmen and women.   She also is keeping a huge amount of investigative journalism at bay with a court injunction.

But yea Paula, let’s justify the Ministry of Women because we’re the bastards and you are pure as the driven snow.



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