PETA completely lose the plot by equating wool to fur

QUESTION: What is the difference between commitment and involvement?

ANSWER: Bacon and eggs. The pig is committed but the chicken is only involved.

The same applies to the difference between fur products and wool products but star Alicia Silverstone in her ad for PETA says she would rather go naked than wear wool.

Alicia Silverstone says she would rather go naked than wear wool.

Alicia Silverstone says she would rather go naked than wear wool.

I can only describe this as animals rights extremism that is up there with the time PETA tried to sue a photographer for the copyright to a selfie that a monkey accidentally took with his camera.

It’s tough enough for Kiwi farmers to get a good price for their wool, but animal rights activists aren’t making the job any easier.

Over the last 12 months prices for crossbred fleeces have tumbled, and a lot of wool not being sold has been put into storage until the industry picks up again.

The market has picked up marginally in recent sales as China, the largest buyer of the fibre, has shown a renewed interest in coarse wool after switching to finer fleeces.

However a growing threat to the industry are animal rights groups such as Peta, which says it has embarked on a “new frontier” – to stop people from using wool.

PETA is becoming like third wave feminism which ignores serious women’s rights issues like FGM, child brides and forced marriage and instead makes a fuss about micro aggressions. Sheep are not killed or harmed in order for us to harvest their wool. I am incredulous that PETA activists have turned this into their latest cause.

With the aid of celebrities such as Alicia Silverstone?and Joaquin Phoenix, Peta is exhorting consumers – especially young ones – that they should eschew the product.

Joaquin Phoenix will not wear a wool suit.

Joaquin Phoenix will not wear a wool suit.

In this week’s Guardian, Peta founder Ingrid Newkirk referred to footage from sheep shearing sheds in Australia which this year helped lead to the first convictions of sheep shearers in Australia for cruelty.

[…] Federated Farmers meat and fibre chairman Miles Anderson said […] it’s hard to compete against that sort of guerrilla marketing.

“Peta has got a big budget for false information, and the bulk of the world doesn’t understand where wool comes from. Part of its motivation is to remove all animals out of farming completely.”

[…] Anderson said the industry was preparing to counter Peta with its own social media campaign, telling the stories of where the wool had come from.

A spokesman for New Zealand organisation Resist, Shanti Ahluwalia, said its members were concerned about the treatment of sheep, from lack of shelter against the cold, to hard pressed workers mistreating the animals.

They were also opposed to the use by humans of wool, but understood sheep needed to be shorn to avoid pain and suffering.

Sheep had been bred over thousands of years to provide wool; Resist would prefer a return to a time when sheep did not grow wool for human use.


Resist sound like a pack of Neanderthals. Before we domesticated animals like sheep and grew our own crops, humans lived primitive and short lives shivering inside caves clothed in the skins of animals we had to killed?to survive.