Phil Twyford ‘can’t rule out’ dumping Māori seats

Labour really are all at sea

Labour campaign chairperson Phil Twyford told The Nation he “can’t rule out” getting rid of Māori seats amid negotiations with NZ First.

“People know where we stand, but all of those issues are going to be on the table.”

However, when asked later if she would walk away in the event that a referendum on Māori seats was part of Winston Peters’ bottom line, Labour leader Jacinda Ardern said “We’ve already shared our view on that.

Labour just won all those Maori seats back and Phil Twyford is ready to ditch them just to get Winston on board.

For years Labour have run campaigns saying National had no mandate because they only had a one seat majority, and now they want to form a government with a one seat majority… and that is their overwhelming vote for change?

Maori have always been taken for granted by Labour, and nothing has changed.

With the Maori Party gone, Maori only have one party to look after their interests.  And Twyford just admitted that when push comes to shove, Labour will not protect the Maori seats for the sake of having a go at being in government.



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