Photos of the Day

Looking at buildings on the east side of Queen Street from Wyndham Street, showing the premises of W A Taaffe Ltd, H M Marler and Co Ltd, Stacey and Wass Ltd, Reyburn McArthur and Boyes, Harts Diamonds, Leon Beauty Salon, Lands Bag Shop, B A Gilroy Ltd, and W J Strevens Ltd in Ellison Chambers, McKenzies Ltd (left) and Keans Ltd (right). Also, people crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing.” Creator Unknown. Date: 12 October 1964. ‘Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries.

Farmer’s free tram. The Farmers? Trading Company in Auckland ran a free inner-city tram, and later free buses, to make it easy for customers to get to the store. In this 1947 photograph, the tram advertises Farmers? sale ? billed as Hector’s birthday sale. Hector was the store’s famous pet parrot.

Rooftop Playground, Farmers’ Trading Company, Auckland, New Zealand, 1929. Children enjoy themselves in the rooftop playground at Auckland?s Farmers? Trading Company store in 1929. Many department stores held Christmas events aimed at children, but Farmers was the first in New Zealand to provide them with an all-year-round attraction.

Hector arrives at Farmers! He?s an Australian sulphur-crested cockatoo, gifted to Farmers by an elderly customer who felt she could no longer care for him. Hector goes on to become a Farmers institution and for the young, no trip to Farmers is complete without a trip to the rooftop playground to see him. Hector dies in 1977 aged 131. After 43 years of service, all agreed that Farmers had lost its loudest and best salesman. But the legend lives on with Hectors Restaurant.

Waitresses pose in the tearooms of C. M. Ross in Palmerston North, probably in the 1930s. Tearooms were an integral part of the department store. They usually served solid lunches as well as morning and afternoon teas and had waitresses rather than counter service.

Barbers get to work in Milne & Choyce department store, Auckland, in the 1940s. Barbershops were one of a range of services that department stores offered to attract customers.

Thousands watch the 1983 Farmers Santa Parade.

The Christmas rush at Auckland Station, 1914.

Indian troops viewing Auckland from the summit of Mt Eden, 1901, Sir George Grey Special Collections.

The Portable crockery dryer advertisement for home kitchen appliances. Date unknown. Looks early 1900’s.

Panorama of the Business Centre, Cambridge, New Zealand, photographed by Robert Percy Moore in 1924.

This is Panmure Basin circa 1915 ish?, looking towards the motorway at Mt Wellington.

Bathhouses at Hot Springs Hotel, Waiwera. View of the bathhouses on the beach and near the Hot Springs Hotel at Waiwera. Taken from the roadway looking south-east towards the beach, with the sea in the background. The photograph was taken by William A Price in the early 1900s.

Kettles Cake Corner, Papanui. c 1960?

W.Larsen & Sons Ltd. Precast tanks. Wanganui. c1960

Peter the Pilot “Space Captain Competition” c1960? Advertising Diamond O-Tis & Rob Roy oat flakes breakfast cereals. Free plastic space ships in every pack.

Riders and their horses on the Strand in Whakatane during a pony club trek. 1948. Creator. New Zealand Herald, Beattie, W. B.

T. W. Collins Warkworth Service Station with a group portrait of five men and a truck. The man standing on the far left-hand side of the image is an Army Technician 5th class (grade). “M.T.2829” is written on the truck.

A group of cyclists lined up on the Petone Esplanade. Taken circa the 1930s. Photographer unknown.

Group of cyclists passing the premises of Mrs S Beresford, Greymouth, photographed between 1898 and 1905 by James Ring.

Russell, Bay of Islands. Dec 1951. The photograph was taken by Whites Aviation.

Wharf at Whakatane. There are stacks of timber in the foreground, several men are lifting items, with a pile of filled sacks behind them. In the centre, background is the building of the New Zealand Loan & Mercantile Agency, with cliffs rising steeply behind. Photographed by William Archer Price circa the 1910s.

Farmers’ children’s playground, Auckland. Children who accompanied their parents on shopping trips in central Auckland must have looked forward to stepping through the doors of the Farmers department store, which had a rooftop playground from 1922. Parents could shop at their leisure while the children raced around on toy cars and tricycles and explored the magical surroundings. The playground was covered over in the 1950s which meant it could be used all year round. This is the playground in the 1970s.

Advertisement for Wellington Woolworths Stores, 1934.

1921. The Farmers department store opens after a major expansion. The building is seven storeys high, has five acres of floor space, tearooms, and a rooftop playground ? making it the largest and most impressive store in the country.

1910 Grading and testing butter pre-export.

Farmers? catalogue. Farmers? Trading Company?s 1932 catalogue. A wide variety of goods ? including furniture, rolls of lino, small haberdashery items, prams, tricycles and pedal cars ? could be ordered from Farmers and would be delivered ?freight free to your nearest port or railway station?.

Farmers? catalogue.

Farmers? catalogue.

Farmers? catalogue.

Farmers? catalogue.

Farmers? catalogue.