Is it possible to decimate the Greens?

While many of you would have been popping the bubbly after the latest poll thinking that you are out of the woods now and National will get in, I was more excited about the possibility of the Greens getting below 5%. When you look at the poll you have to ask yourself where the support from the Greens went. I would have expected it to go to Labour but it appears they have bled blue green votes and black green votes instead. TOP lost ground too and the only place that those votes went to was National which was the only party that went up in the poll apart from the Maori party who gained a tiny 0.1%

The question is whether or not it is possible to get the Greens out of parliament altogether this election. Act and National need to talk up their environmental policies. They should take the true Greenies out of the Green party so that all that remains is a shell filled with the economic socialists that are the real underbelly of the party. I would love to see that happen.

The NZ Green Party are only green on the outside.

We all want clean water and our nature protected. Act’s environmental policy can be read in chapter ten:?Environment of David Seymour’s?book Own Your Own Future. Maybe now after seeing this poll, some National voters will feel that it is safe to give their party vote to Act again? Ardern certainly seems to have given many voters enough of a fright to send them rushing into the arms of National again, fearful of the damage a Labour tax and spend government will do.

I will not be rushing back into their arms, however. I cannot believe their cynical first home owners grant bribe. There is so much red in National now that their blue has a tinge of purple. The only party that is truly fiscally conservative is the Act party.