Quote of the Day

Māori Party co-leader Marama Fox. Photo: RNZ / Craig McCulloch

Marama Fox explains why Maori returned to Labour:

Marama Fox struck a defiant tone in her speech as her impending loss to Labour candidate Meka Whaitiri became clear.

Fox said on Saturday night that commiserations were in order for Ikaroa-Rawhiti as they were “about to have a member of parliament who is going to sit in opposition” but saved her strongest words for the king-maker, Winston Peters (NZ First).

“You’re about to have a man that, no matter which party rules, whether it’s red or blue, this guy wants to get rid of the treaty – out of every piece of law,” said Fox,  “this guy wants to get rid of Māori seats, wants to get rid of an independent Māori voice.”

Fox echoed Te Ururoa’s appeal on the campaign trail for Māori to use their votes strategically.

“What I think the whānau have done is they’ve gone back to the mothership,” says Fox, “They’ve gone back like a beaten wife to the abuser who has abused our people over and over again.”

While Fox’s speech- given as she stood surrounded by whānau at her election headquarters- had all the hallmarks of a concession speech, she refused to officially concede defeat.

“I don’t concede because conceding means that we let red and blue government rule our people like they’ve done so for a hundred and fifty years.

“I don’t concede to that.  Not ever.  We’ll be back to fight another day.”

It is obvious to everyone but Blind Freddy and the Maori party that Maori actually fail to understand MMP.

If the Maori party had explained that a vote in Maori seats for the Maori party and a party vote for Labour was a good strategy they’d still be there and have a decent overhang to Maori-mander the system.




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