Rate Payers Alliance launch petition against Phil Goff’s Maori separatism

[…] You may have seen in the news that Auckland Mayor, Phil Goff, wants separate Auckland Council seats for Maori,?in addition?to the existing Independent Maori Statutory Board, whose unelected members already sit on Council committees.

This morning we?ve launched a petition speaking out against Phil Goff, and his complete disregard for the voices of Auckland ratepayers – the very people who pay for Council seats to represent?them.

The petition […] hopes to encourage hard working ratepayers, just like you, to stand up and tell Mr Goff how you?want?your voices to be represented by Auckland Council.

A referendum would give all Aucklanders the opportunity to say who they feel best represents their voice, and who advocates in the interest of?all ratepayers. Phil Goff wants to deny Aucklanders of this chance, and we think this is wrong.

If you agree with us and want to make sure your Council continues to accurately represent your voice ? please sign our petition at?www.ratepayers.nz/call_for_ referendum.


There is no need for racial separatism inside our local or National government. Separate Maori seats were needed when the ability to vote was tied to land ownership more than a hundred and fifty years ago. Those days are long past and one person one vote should be the sole basis of our democratic elections. Anything less is both racist and apartheid.