Remember this from January? I do

Home-wrecker, Anna Lorck

The Hawkes Bay home-wrecker, Anna Lorck, lost to Laurence Yule on the weekend. It is her second loss to National candidates and back in January my mate Simon Lusk said the home-wrecker would never win Tukituki.

Back then, Anna Lorck had a hissy fit and wrongly accused Simon of working for Lawrence Yule.

Labour’s Tukituki candidate, Anna Lorck, has accused her potential National Party opponent, Lawrence Yule, of having controversial political strategist Simon Lusk on his side.

In a Talking Point yesterday Mr Lusk said he believed National would win the Tukituki seat, which Mr Yule has put his name forward for. Mr Lusk said Mr Yule had a positive profile while Ms Lorck had a polarising profile.

Ms Lorck accused Mr Lusk of being tied to the National Party candidacy bid by Hastings Mayor Yule and said he was speaking because Mr Yule could not during the selection process.

Ms Lorck said people had a right to know that “supporting Lawrence Yule is a pay cheque for Simon Lusk”.

However, both Mr Lusk and Mr Yule deny Mr Lusk is involved in any way.

Lusk told Hawke’s Bay Today he had not been involved in any general election campaign since 2008.

I suggest that Anna Lorck should visit Simon and eat a good healthy dose of some humble pie, but I don’t think he needs more problems with his reputation.

The bottom line is Anna Lorck is loathed in Hastings and she will never win that seat. Everything Simon has said about her in the past and today is true and still holds true.

Labour should find a candidate who isn’t hated quite as much as Anna Lorck is.

Simon Lusk was right, again. Anna Lorck was wrong, again.


-HB Today


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