Rodney Hide is enjoying this election

Rodney Hide seems to be enjoying this election:

Previous elections have had a feeling of inevitability about them. That’s meant a lack of passion and excitement. Not this time around. It feels more like the Rugby World Cup and America’s Cup than boring old politics. That’s a good thing.

People are engaged. They’re talking, they’re watching, reading, listening. They feel their vote matters. They’re seeing the election swing through the polls week to week. They know it’s going to the wire.

Thank Metiria Turei and Jacinda Ardern. They took what was shaping up to be the most boring election ever and made it a six-week nail-biter.

We can pick and choose among the polls for the one we like. We can explain away the bad results. But one thing we can’t do is predict the result.

We are going to have to wait for the day. And that too will be a great sporting, political and media spectacle. This isn’t about who gets to keep a cup. This is about the country’s future direction – it’s the biggest game there is.

My only suggestion is to ignore the polls. Let the politicians explain why they’re the best for us, then let’s choose who we think is best irrespective of what the polls say. And let’s celebrate the result, whatever it is.

Ignoring the polls is good politics. And when they’re this wild it’s a matter of Health and Safety.

A Little vs English election would have been real boring.

Having Jacinda Ardern demonstrate she is a light-weight has been entertaining.

Don’t forget Metiria Turei losing the plot and admitting to long term benefit fraud.


-NZ Herald


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