Stop whining Jacinda, if you can claim National cut health then they can claim you are putting up taxes

Jacinda Ardern has decided to drop the relentlessly positive campaign and start the relentlessly whining campaign.

Jacinda Ardern has spoken out about her frustration with the National party campaign, saying they are misleading voters over Labour’s tax plans.

While on the campaign trail today Ms Ardern was asked if Labour was raising income tax, a false claim that National have made.

When asked whether she could have hit back harder against the claim Ms Ardern replied:

“I’ve absolutely taken them on every time that they’ve said we would increase income tax. I thought it was a farcical claim when they raised it, it continues to be, I certainly didn’t expect people to have picked up on it as they have.

“The only place for blame to go is on the party that has spun the lie.”

Ms Ardern said right now there is urgency for Labour that goes beyond correcting National. “I would ask voters to think about whether they can afford another three years of National.”

Two days out from the election and Jacinda Ardern is whining about her flawed narrative about tax.

It is a bit rich of Labour to complain about lies. For years now they have lied that National had cut the health budget.

It isn’t a lie for National to say Labour will increase taxes from where they would be if National was in government with their legislated tax cuts.

Jacinda Ardern and Grant Robertson have only themselves to blame for the narrative of the election being taxation.




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