Three reasons why a Whaleoil subscription is BETTER than icecream

A Whaleoil subscription  is better than ice cream

It is even better than the classic Kiwi Jellytip

Reason One: A Jelly tip costs $2.50 and in five minutes the pleasure is gone but for $2.30 a week (less than the cost of a single Jelly tip) a Whaleoil subscription provides you with faster loading times and an ad-free experience of your favourite source of news, politics and entertainment.



Reason Two: A Whaleoil subscription won’t let you down. What you pay for is what you get whereas with an ice cream you could drop it or it could melt.



Reason Three: A Whaleoil subscription is good for the waistline as it has ZERO calories.


We are clearly better than ice cream yet just as addictive.


Scoop up a delicious, chocolatey, Whaleoil subscription today.



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