Tomorrow is election day, and Whaleoil will not be what you expect

Hi there stalwarts and recent arrivals.  Thanks for your support of Whaleoil in the lead-up to the 2017 election.  Whaleoil has a unique place in New Zealand’s media where we are the most influential and widely read political blog that provides analysis, background and commentary.

Unfortunately, the law prevents us from discussing anything to do with New Zealand politics on Saturday – tomorrow – election day – 23rd of September.  At least until the polls close at 7 pm.    (Do come join us after 7pm when we will have the LIVE ELECTION NIGHT post and we will continue until all the results are in.)

This is part of New Zealand’s electoral system and it affects all media, not just Whaleoil.

Now we can control what we publish, but we can’t control what you talk about in the comments.  You too are required by law not to “publish” anything on Whaleoil that can be seen to be promoting (or denigrating) a particular candidate or party.

The moderation team have sharpened their axes and blunted the ban hammer for anyone that is going to step over the line.  At a minimum it will be a side-line until 2018.  If the transgression is considered deliberate or especially damaging it will be a life-time ban.

Also:  no photos of polling places, voting forms or any other material that can be interpreted as pushing for or against a candidate or a party.  If you somehow get one past the mods and a complaint is laid, Whaleoil will cooperate with the Electoral Commission and the police to hand on your details for prosecution.

In exchange, Saturday will be a nice fluffy day on lots of different topics and time wasters to keep you entertained between voting and having a nanna nap.

Thanks for noticing this notice.


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