Welfare fraudster Metiria Turei still has no shame

fraud metiria turei

Metiria Turei still has no shame.

Metiria Turei has thrown her full support behind a change of Government in her first public speech since standing down as Greens co-leader.

On Saturday Ms Turei was back on the campaign trail, speaking to a crowd in Otara.

“We have a welfare system in this country that is broken,” she said, echoing the confession that drove her out of Government in August.

After admitting to benefit fraud to support her family 20 years ago, Ms Turei made the decision to step down with “extreme scrutiny” from the revelation mounting on her family.

But she vowed to keep fighting New Zealanders to “take their country back”.

“This cruel penal welfare system has been growing now for 30 years and this election is our best chance to fix it,” she said on Saturday.

Ms Turei also didn’t miss an opportunity to take a subtle dig at Labour leader Jacinda Ardern, who distanced herself from the Greens after the benefit fraud admission.

“It is our vote that is going to create a good Government – not just a different Government – a good Government,” she said.

“It is only the Greens who will end poverty in Aotearoa.

“You’re not allowed to house your own whanau in this country anymore,” she said, referring to state housing tenants not being allowed to house homeless relatives.

“That’s shameful, that’s a disgrace.”

What Metiria “No Shame” Turei doesn’t understand is that what is shameful and a disgrace is scumbag fraudsters like her ripping off the welfare system for personal enrichment. The money she took illegally was money that was not available to help people in genuine need.

She shows no remorse, no shame and should be charged. I bet she hasn’t even paid it back yet.

The last thing this government needs is a government supported by a party that endorses and celebrate fraudsters like Metiria Turei.




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