Will Tukituki come down to ethics?

Anna Lorck

Anna Lorck

The NZ Herald runs a slanted piece on the race in Tukituki between Anna ?Marge? Lorck, Labour?s home wrecker candidate, and Lawrence Yule. It was videoed in Flaxmere…the most feral Labour loving part of town.

This is a campaign that may well come down to personal ethics. ?

Lorck?s campaign has been using a proxy to wage a very dirty and negative campaign with more expected in the last week of the campaign.

The unfortunate thing for Marge is that her own ethics do not bear scrutiny, and she has to weigh up attacking Lawrence Yule against the possibility that if the gloves come off the truth will be told about her…like the reason she wears a scarf all the time.

I’m all for the truth being told about politicians so we are hoping that Marge gets her proxies to make their dirty play.

Oh and Anna? How about answering the questions I emailed you about last week.