Winston Peters – Don’t hate the player, hate the game

After months of electioneering and a rather intense last five weeks, we now face election day with the wrong expectation.

We want to know “who wins” the election.

Under MMP, we will be able to see which party gets the most votes, and which parties could possibly join it in an MMP-style coalition government.  

But as we know, Winston has to play the left and the right off against each other to get the best possible deal for his voters, and that process can take a number of weeks to complete.

Depending on the actual results on the night, special votes (from overseas, mostly) may end up playing a pivotal role as well.  If these determine if the Green party does or does not make it back to parliament, the coalition maths can change drastically.

So even though we all eye up late tomorrow night as “the finish line”, it is in fact only a stage along a path.  Probabilities, percentages, possible recounts and personalities still have their part to play.

Even so.   For political tragics such as us, election night is a Big Event.  Make sure to join us from 7 pm while we watch the results come in, criticise the main stream bias, coverage and quirky commentators, and hopefully in the end have a fairly good idea what the next three years may look like.




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