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hobbyhorse (noun) – 1. A child’s riding toy that consists of a long stick with an imitation horse’s head on one end.
2. (a) A figure of a horse worn attached to the waist of a mummer, as in a morris dance.
(b) A person wearing such a figure.
3. (a) A favorite hobby.
(b) A topic that one frequently brings up or dwells on; a fixation.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Also hobby-horse, 1550s, “mock horse used in the morris dance;” 1580s, “child’s toy riding horse,” from hobby + horse. Transferred sense of “favorite pastime or avocation” first recorded 1670s (shortened to hobby by 1816). The connecting notion being “activity that doesn’t go anywhere.”

The hobbyhorse originally was a “Tourney Horse,” a wooden or basketwork frame worn around the waist and held on with shoulder straps, with a fake tail and horse head attached, so the wearer appears to be riding a horse. These were part of church and civic celebrations at Midsummer and New Year’s throughout England.

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