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hustings (noun) – 1. (a) A place where political campaign speeches are made.
(b) The activities involved in political campaigning.
2. (Chiefly British) A court formerly held in some English cities and still held infrequently in London.
3. (Chiefly British) (a) A platform on which candidates for Parliament formerly stood to address the electors.
(b) The proceedings of a parliamentary election.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Old English husting “meeting, court, tribunal,” from Old Norse husðing “council,” from hus “house” + ðing “assembly”; so called because it was a meeting of the men who formed the “household” of a nobleman or king. The native Anglo-Saxon word for this was folc-gemot. The plural became the usual form circa 1500; sense of “temporary platform for political speeches” developed by 1719, apparently from London’s Court of Hustings, presided over by the Lord Mayor, which was held on a platform in the Guildhall. This sense then broadened by mid-19th century to “the election process generally.”


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