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palsy (moun) – 1. Complete or partial muscle paralysis, often accompanied by loss of sensation and uncontrollable body movements or tremors.
2. (a). A weakening or debilitating influence.
(b) An enfeebled condition or debilitated state thought to result from such an influence.
3. A fit of strong emotion marked by the inability to act.

(verb) – 1. (a) To paralyze.
(b) To deprive of strength.
2. To make helpless, as with fear.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : “Disease causing paralysis,” circa 1300, palesie, from Anglo-French parlesie, Old French paralisie, from Vulgar Latin *paralysia, from Latin paralysis, from Greek paralysis “paralysis, palsy,” literally “loosening,” from paralyein “disable, enfeeble,” from para- “beside” + lyein “loosen, untie” (from PIE root *leu- “to loosen, divide, cut apart”).