Yes, this happened in New Zealand: gay couple can’t marry in church ’cause earthquakes

via Stuff / MAARTEN HOLL

This lovely couple is trying to find a church to marry them.

A same-sex couple have been refused a church wedding in a village where they say the gay population probably outnumbers the congregation.

Alexandra Saunders, a lifelong Anglican, and Sara Rimmer, who grew up in a religious family, planned to get married in December in Paekākāriki, on the Kāpiti Coast north of Wellington, where they live.

Saunders contacted St Peter’s Anglican Church to book the wedding.

“I think when I first left a message for ‘Alex and Sara’, they thought Alex was a man’s name,” she said.

She believed the local priest and congregation were not opposed to the marriage, but the Anglican Church’s national rules forbade it.

Bother.   But there are more churches, right?

They then turned to St James’ Church in the town, run by the multi-denominational Kapiti Uniting Parish, which initially agreed, but later refused because of opposition within the congregation.

They were also told it was because of problems with earthquake-proofing at the church.

I just can’t believe they brought up earthquakes in relation not being able to accommodate a same sex wedding.  You’d think a comedy writer had been on the job.

…the Kāpiti Uniting Parish did not feel “100 per cent happy” about the wedding, which could have split the three denominations it represents.

The church was also earthquake-prone and, with about 120 guests expected, she had safety concerns. The church still holds Sunday services for smaller numbers.

Grant said Presbyterians in the parish were “100 per cent” opposed to the wedding in the church.

Still, I don’t believe churches should be forced to perform ceremonies.   So Sara and Alex just need to keep shopping around.

One thing about having a different lifestyle is that you do have to accept there are times you can’t have the same thing that other people have.   Life’s a compromise.  For all of us.


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