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First he lies, then he lies some more and then he crashes the dollar

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Drill it, extract it, sell it: $32 billion in royalties for the New Zealand taxpayer

The potential of a new massive gas field off the South Island’s east coast could create 5700 jobs and bring in $32 billion in royalties, the firm behind the field says.

But environmental groups say the science is clear and we should not be looking for new fossil fuels at all.

New Zealand Oil & Gas said earlier this year the Barque prospect, 60 kilometres off the Oamaru coast, held potentially more gas than previously thought.

On Monday, the company released a report showing it had the potential to add $7.1b annually to the national economy, and $32b in royalties and taxes over the life of the field.

NZOG is the operator of the Clipper joint venture, where the Barque prospect is situated.

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Wigged Wally continues to make a mockery of our criminal justice system

Famous for successfully claiming that his hairpiece was a human right, convicted murderer and child molester Phillip Smith is yet again claiming that his human rights have been breached.

Smith sexually abused a young boy and then stabbed the boy’s father to death when he tried to protect his son so I have zero sympathy for his latest complaint.

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