James Shaw’s pattern of behaviour

The pressure is mounting on James Shaw to reach out to Bill English to discuss the Green Party forming a government with National. People are asking him what he is so afraid of and why the Green party would rather achieve nothing and be ‘principled’ like a bunch of activists rather than pragmatic like the politicians they are supposed to be. What is holding James Shaw back?

The best way to work out the puzzle that is James Shaw is to investigate his past. Perhaps we will be able to see a pattern of behaviour forming. As a serious journalist trained and skilled I have interviewed my keyboard in order to find out more about what makes James Shaw tick.

His favourite dance when he was at high school was…



His favourite home cooked meal when he was a boy was free range chicken and organic salad with a Fair Trade Peri Peri sauce.



His favourite costume for parties when he was an university student was…

Finally, I found a short video of him as a child with his favourite pet…

The above is pretty lame of me I know but seriously James what on earth are you so afraid of? Just talk to Bill you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Currently, you are in a really weak negotiating position with Labour and NZ First. Stop being so bloody chicken. Pick up the phone and call Bill.