A Leader with Principles

Guest Post:

By now you will have heard the news
A bombshell somewhat unexpected
A party with the most elected members and list votes unable to govern.

English has just escalated in my opinion to being a Leader with PRINCIPLES and honesty to stand away from a Tangiwai sized trainwreck in the making, and unwilling to compromise the mandate of his voters, just to secure a position in what has been exposed as a greed based negotiation, but more to a flawed voting system.

Peters has already run away from his bottom line promise to give all New Zealanders a Maori Seat Referendum. Peters has turned to his Maori supporters and now has no intention to carry that Referendum out with Labour having all the Maori seats. His promise is worthless, His voter mandate is a”Farce”, and I suspect his administration will be diluted by greens doing labour’s bidding under h1’s influence, and will quickly go the same way.

One man predicted this outcome. ACT’s David Seymour exhibited unique understanding when he said Peters is No kingmaker, he is a poison chalice. And so it comes to pass. English to his credit had the principles and southland fortitude to stand aside and let the trainwreck pass, for which English and National will be rewarded in a few short months with renewed vigorous support, even the apathetic will be choked out of their torpor,  but no doubt at a cost, as the incompetents start the trainwreck into high motion.

Act leader David Seymour

But more visionary than English was Act’s David Seymour, who correctly predicted this outcome and had the wisdom to immediately disassociate the ACT Party from the carnage and immediately claim the principled right of the Loyal Opposition. WELL DONE SEYMOUR.
In fact, ACT stands out as one of the few principled players for NOT having compromised a principle in this election debacle and held firm to integrity from election day.


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