This is why the Act party are retards: People like Louis Houlbrooke

This single tweet shows the utter retardation of people associated with the Act party.

Louis Houlbrooke is slamming me for supposedly “shilling” for Winston Peters.   

He is also an employee in David Seymour’s parliamentary office, supposedly this fool is his press secretary…not sure if he has retained his job, he may lose it yet.

This little weasel constantly sent emails to me or to other WO staff to publish, which we did. We published it in the interests of open political discussion and the fact that Act almost never gets any news coverage from the MSM.

Louis also coordinated all responses from the Act party for INCITE.

Apparently we weren’t “shilling” for the Act party when we published all those…but were when commenting on public news articles about Winston Peters.

For the record, this blog ran press releases for the Act party, carried advertising for the Act party, ran editorial for the Act party, supported chartered schools for the Act party. No one else did. No one.

We were big supporters of charter schools. We coordinated with David Seymour’s office numerous times, mostly SB to be fair, but also with Louis Houlbrooke.

And this is the thanks? Rude tweets from childish little prats?

Well, easily solved, since Louis Houlbrooke doesn’t like “shills”.

There will no longer be any positive commentary of anything the Act party has to say about anything. Ever. We will also cease to carry any advertising for them.

As far as I am concerned the Act party, as a result of the petulant threats from David Seymour before the election and now the petulant actions of Louis Houlbrooke, is dead to this blog.

Well done you young idiot.

Louis Houlbrooke, and the Act party are political retards.

For the record, Louis, since you seem utterly stupid, I voted for Winston Peters to teach National (and Bill English) a lesson. Job done.

Normal transmission will resume, sans any coverage for the Act party.



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