AFP raids Australian Workers’ Union headquarters in Sydney, Melbourne

The Australian Federal Police are cracking down on union scumbags:

The Australian Federal Police is currently raiding the Australian Workers’ Union offices in Melbourne and Sydney.

The investigation relates to whether?donations made to activist group GetUp?were authorised under union rules.

The AFP issued a statement confirming they were carrying out the raids on behalf of the Registered Organisations Commission (ROC), the independent regulator of unions and employer associations.

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has asked GetUp to abide by disclosure laws that would require it to outline what funding it receives and how it is spent.

Groups subjected to such obligations are known as “associated entities” which are defined as a group controlled by one or more political parties, or operating to a significant extent for the benefit of political parties.

In a letter obtained by the ABC, the AEC said there were grounds to suggest GetUp’s activities last year could be seen as having benefited Labor and the Greens.

GetUp has denied the claims and insisted it is an independent movement.

The AWU’s Victorian branch secretary Ben Davis described the raids as an “abuse of power and process” by the ROC and the Federal Government.

“We’ve always provided any document that the Trade Union Royal Commission or its partisan successor the RTO had requested and had we been asked in the last 96 hours to produce these documents we would have done so,” he said.

“Instead they’ve gone for the circus of involving the AFP ? who are just doing their jobs ? and executing a search warrant for documents that had they asked for, requested, or served the notice to produce, we would have willingly provided them.

“This is an abuse of power, this is an abuse of process, you have not heard the end of this.”

At least in Australia they attempt to police this kind of thing.

The opportunity to have a similar organisation like the Registered Organisations Commission in New Zealand was lost when Bill English failed to cut a deal with Winston Peters.

I know of a few organisations that claim to be independent but in fact are fronts organised and run by political operatives mostly on the left.