Amateur Hour: Media report on secret meetings. Can’t be secret then, can they?

I know the media have got nothing to go on, but please, have some respect for your audience.

NZ First leader Winston Peters is holding secret one on one meetings with National leader Bill English and Labour leader Jacinda Ardern [last] tonight, straight after the NZ First board meeting packed up with no decision made.

The Herald saw Peters meet with English almost immediately after the NZ First board left.

English was on his own without staff or any of his negotiating team. Peters was also believed to be alone – his chief of staff was not in the room.

That’s a lot of information about a meeting you don’t know about.   What they mean is that they don’t know what takes place in the meeting.  Well, that’s not new.  Many meetings happen where the media aren’t allowed to know what happened.

So not secret at all.   Just petulant journos getting sick of being shown up for being irrelevant bottom feeders.

The Herald saw English leave soon after 6pm, after about half an hour in the room.

English confirmed the talks with Peters were one-on-one – just him talking to the NZ First leader.

Asked what the next steps would be taken to form a Government, English said, “we’ll let you know”.

“I can confirm I met with Mr Peters, but I won’t be commenting on the contents of that meeting,” English told waiting media. “I hope there’s more to say in the next few days

Not a secret meeting if you even have one of the people in the meeting officially confirm it was held.

Why anyone still PAYS for newspapers is beyond me.  Seriously beyond me.

They’re even running a LIVE BLOG reporting that people are leaving one room and entering another.   Give me strength…


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