A Blenheim bus shelter that fails it’s most basic function: to shelter

You have to wonder what kind of people are working for you in councils when they think an ‘arty’ hole in a roof that actually cost more to put in than to just extend the roof as someone would expect is a good use of public money.

It doesn’t keep people dry, but those who have used it have discovered a whole new feature:  it’s failing to protect its users from strong winds coming from the prevailing direction.

A reader has informed me about an obnoxious feature of the ‘Bus Shelter’ [sic]. It is a wind tunnel.

The structure has been ‘perfectly” designed to capture the incoming ‘nor’ west’ wind which is the prevailing wind as we all know in Marlborough. Except that the noddy architect (who should be ashamed of himself/herself/their self) and the ‘Brilliant Every Day” ‘ Assets and Finance Committee, and the MBA laden MDC staff, don’t seem to know this. Didn’t the MDC Panning Officer at resource consent stage think about this?

My source was telling Correo that the nor’ west blasts to the “Shelter’ [sic] it is then ducted, as the structures’ shape forms a conduit, into it increasing pressure and passes through it at greater velocity and speed. The extra boon of that is a chilling effect: it is cold.

As is to be noted from the photographs set out below the ‘hole- through- which -the- sun -is -to -shine’ is a large oval gap In homage to the committee one could say it is ‘agape’ to the fresh air and open sky. The corrugated iron is a nice aesthetic design feature too.

A question arises from another source. Is the land it stands on Council land? According to MDC’s Mr Heiford it is on Kiwi rail land. Sooooo…you the rate payers have donated a $300K fixture to Kiwi Rail…

Correo surmises , that the “Sloan Leggett Wind Tunnel’ may be an example of the workings of the Dunning Kruger effect: the not so competent believe they are highly competent and don’t have insight that they barely competent.

As was noted on Whale Oil, none of the protagonists in this probably do not, if seldom, ever travel by buses


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