An Auckland school that made two of its pupils apologise to the Warriors for allegedly asking visiting players about the team’s poor performance has threatened to ban parents who “undermine” the school on social media.

[…] After the Weekend Herald published a story about the incident last Saturday, the school sent a letter to parents signed by its board of trustees chairman Russell Matthews which said parents who spoke out about the school were in breach of its “very clear procedures”.

 “A number of parents have been vocal in discrediting the school through social media. I can be clear that while we will continue to welcome their children, parents who use social media to undermine our staff and community, will no longer be welcome in our school,” says the letter, which has been obtained by the Weekend Herald.

[…] a source who alerted the Weekend Herald to the letter said the social media comments the letter referred to had been posted on the Herald and Blockhouse Bay Community Facebook pages.

Ministry of Education deputy secretary of sector enablement and support Katrina Casey said the Ministry had been working with Blockhouse Bay Intermediate since the Weekend Herald broke the story about the students being made to write an apology letter last Saturday.

[…] Despite the contents of the letter, Casey said the school wouldn’t ban parents who criticised it on social media.

Dr Bill Hodge, an expert in criminal law at the University of Auckland, confirmed a school could trespass people who interfered with the school, including parents.

But he added it would still be “pretty outrageous” if parents were banned.

New Zealand Council for Civil Liberties spokesman Thomas Beagle said while he couldn’t comment on the legality of the letter, it seemed “very, very silly”.

“These people have got a right to put their views out. They have got a right to put their views out about the school their children go to.”

-NZ Herald