Bryce Edwards stops wishful thinking and wants to be right instead

Independent political academic Bryce Edwards is finally accepting what I’ve been saying for months.

1) The Greens could be too unstable in coalition government

2) Going with National will be simpler for NZ First

3) There will be too much backlash from a deal with Labour and the Greens

4) If NZ First wants to sit on “the crossbenches” outside of government, then National is more likely

5) National’s superior vote is just too strong for NZ First to ignore

6) National might be more able to help NZ First with a legacy

7) Many commentators deem National the likely winner

8) Following its traditionalist inclinations, NZ First will opt for National

9) NZ First is conservative

And, he was never going to work with the Green party.   That alone has made anything but National a valid answer for months.

The only thing I can’t be sure of is the final structure – will NZ First have another arrangement like they did with Helen Clark?  That means Winston is free to criticise National in all other portfolios.  Or will they do just Confidence and Supply, in which case Winston can let rip on everything?


– Bryce Edwards, NZ Herald


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