Bye, bye Bill, two time loser

Bill English has managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory after failing to buy the most buyable politician in New Zealand.

National should immediately move to cut Bill’s throat, and any of his enablers. He’s a two time loser. Nick Smith should be top of the list, along with Paula Bennett. His numbers man should hang his head in shame too.   

Sure he won the most seats, but it wasn’t enough and his election plan was to win with existing partners. Well, that failed, and if anyone is to blame for the failure it has to be the boss man.

It was his people who scurrilously leaked private superannuation details to media. He should fall on his sword immediately.

On the plus side, National can now rid itself of the cancer of Bill English and his pals. National is in a very strong position in opposition and they know where all the landmines are.

Peter Goodfellow needs to go too. He was the president who lost the election. You are only as good as your last game…and Bill and Peter’s last game was a loss.

I predicted all along that Winston Peters would be in government and so it turns out.

The next three years are now going to be hilariously fun.

Now readers can see why I wasn’t going to play sycophant to the National party.

Life goes on. The blog will still be here, we will still hold politicians to account.



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