CNN is the Confused Neurotic Network

When a Muslim gunman attacks and massacres Westerners the media do not call for gun control but for calm as they focus on the possibility of a backlash against the Muslim community. When a non-Muslim gunman attacks and massacres Westerners gun control becomes the media’s focus. In America the media are currently focused on Bump stocks and whether or not they should be banned.

This is what a Bump stock looks like.


CNN (the Confused Neurotic Network) told it’s viewers that this was an example of a Bump stock.


It actually is a semi-automatic rifle that has a grenade launcher and suppressor but no Bump stock at all. This kind of a weapon can only be legally obtained after an arduous government process.

CNN came under fire on Friday after they attempted to show viewers how bump stocks work on semi-automatic rifles — but used a depiction of a rifle that didn’t have a bump stock on it.

[…] The animation showed what a bump stock allows a rifle to do — it allows the rifle’s recoil to help the gun fire more rapidly, even at a fully automatic rate. But a bump stock is an entirely different stock. CNN’s rifle animation simply showed an adjustable stock.

[…] CNN has been widely scrutinized in the Trump-era, given that the president regularly charges that CNN is “fake news.” Obviously, criticizing bump stocks, while showing viewers a rifle with no bump stock and a grenade launcher, did not go over well.[…]




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