Coming out as gay easy, ?coming out? as conservative hard

Two young gay men on YouTube channel Our Vote Our Voice released a video speaking out against marriage equality for Australia. They revealed that coming out as conservative was much harder than coming out as gay.

[…]?[People] hate me because I?m a conservative,? one tells the camera. ?And they hate me more because I?m a gay conservative.

?Just because I?m against same-sex marriage?I?m gay, I?m not a homophobe.?

?You get attacked online,? says the other man, face blurred.

He says he has been accused of internalised homophobia.

The first man claims that the??no? campaign?has been ?tremendously respectful? of LGBTI people.

Both say they agree with the arguments being made against marriage equality.

?Arguing for the traditional view of marriage? is not bigotry,? says the first man.

?If ordinary Australians saw these people who are pushing for same-sex marriage? they would be horrified. Most gay people would be horrified by these absolute radicals who want to tear the fabric of Australian society apart.

?They?re the ones using divisive rhetoric, calling people bigots and homophobes. I have not heard one anti-gay?slur?used by the ?no??campaign?at all.

?Using the term ?bigot? in that situation is just appalling.?

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott tweeted his support for the video, posting, ?It takes real guts to stand against the crowd. I was very proud to meet one of the gay students from QLD arguing strongly for family values.?

In a similar story, a?gay couple?who are also opposed to marriage equality drew criticism earlier this month after appearing on?The 7:30 Report?to discuss their views.

The two were concerned about the idea of a ?slippery slope? of further extending the right to marriage if it is granted to same-sex couples.[…]