If you don’t stand up to the wowsers they keep coming for you and your pleasures

The wowsers are at it again, calling for bans in supermarkets for alcohol…because some poor child might see it.

New Zealand children are being exposed to alcohol nearly every time they go to the supermarket, sparking a call from researchers to have it banned from such stores.

The over-exposure of alcohol to children put it on par with everyday products such as bread and milk, causing children to drink it earlier in their lifetime, said Tim Chambers from Otago University’s Department of Public Health.   
The department’s research found that 85 per cent of children were exposed to alcohol in Wellington supermarkets.

​”This suggests alcohol is just another ordinary commodity, just another product on the shelves, a normal part of the grocery shop,” said Chambers, the lead researcher.

He said the study proved previous changes in alcohol advertising laws were not enough and the Government needed to ban it from supermarkets to protect children.

The study had 167 randomly chosen Wellington children aged 11 to 13-years-old wear a necklace camera and GPS device for four consecutive days.

Over that time, the children visited 30 different supermarkets and saw alcohol on 78 of those visits.

Chambers said the technology allowed for an uninterrupted, first-hand account of what children saw day-to-day.

Over the four days of the study, none of the children were taken into a liquor store by their parents, he said.

These wowsers will claim this is a scientific study. But look at the numbers…it’s pathetic.

The problem is the industry won’t fight these wowsers, so their voices get heard more than any other voice…and they get media to run it because…you know, science.

If you dare challenge it to them then you get hit with lawfare.

No surprises here that the researchers are from Otago University, perhaps the biggest bunch of junk science researchers in NZ.




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