Duncan Garner challenges Susan Devoy with 18 questions

I have 18 questions for Susan Devoy – the taxpayer funded Race Relations Commissioner.

She has criticised me for my weekend column on immigration saying I used racist language that only inflamed the debate.

So, this tweet below is from the NZ Human Rights Commission – that’s Devoy.

‘Yes, debate immigration & planning
But saying people who don’t look like us are a “nightmare” or a “human snake”?Ā  šŸ˜

This tweet is a shocker. It’s wrong. It misquotes and spirals into false assumptions as a result.

So my questions:

1. Has the Commission received an official complaint about my article?

2. If so, why haven’t they come to me in their offical capacity?

3. If they haven’t then why on earth are they stoking the fire publicly on twitter and on Stuff by seriously misinterpreting the column?

4. Is it their job as a quasi Government body to do this? And should they have put a series of questions to me as the author of the original column?

5. I never said ‘people who don’t look like us are a nightmare.’ Never. Why did the Commission make this up and worse, allow that into the public arena?

6. I said it was a ‘nightmarish glimpse into the future if we stuff it up.’ That is, too many people not enough infrastructure. It’s clear this piece is about population v infrastructure. No where does it say people who don’t look like us are a ‘nightmare.’ Was Devoy aware of this total lie from the Commission?

7. This is a total misrepresentation by Devoy and her crowd. Did they actually read the column or simply rely on their own view of what I might have said or what someone told them I said?

8. Even if they have read it, why did they misinterpret, misquote and find the worst possible meaning and go public with it?

9. Isn’t this an appalling abuse of their taxpayer funded office and doesn’t it go well beyond their mandate?

10. If anything doesn’t this fabrication serve just to wind people up further?

11. Devoy and her crowd say that my column describes people who don’t look like us as a ‘human snake.’ No it doesn’t. Once again Devoy and her crowd are totally incorrect. Is it the job of this Government body to make so many obvious mistakes in one short 140 character tweet?

12. I describe the queue as snaking around the self-service counter. It snaked around like a human snake. I never said ‘people that don’t look like us are part of this human snake.’ Never. Those are the words of the NZ Human Rights Commission. How did they get this so wrong?

13. Does that therefore make Devoy and her crowd the racists?

14. Given this appalling misrepresentation doesn’t Devoy need to reconsider and address this tweet immediately and rather than lecture me on ‘racist language’ doesn’t she need to address her role, her inaccuracies and her total misrepresentations?

15. Devoy will be aware of the personal abuse I received as a result. I was called the c-bomb, an f-wit, told to die, told to suck a piece of the male anatomy and I was called a racist bitch. So why has Devoy been utterly silent on that after dedicating a whole newspaper column to this issue?

16. Who wrote the tweet?

17. Given we have record immigration levels and infrastructure that can’t cope when will Devoy address the real issue?

18. And isn’t that her job too?


-Duncan Garner Facebook

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