Election won by second, third and fourth place getters…first place is first loser

So, now we have a coalition of losers.

The election has been won by Labour, NZ First and the Green party.

Bill English, the leader of the party that won the most votes will be face-palming permanently as he is once again a loser.

Bill English, loser, in 2002

The Greens have been shanked yet again by Winston and Labour. Exactly as I predicted would happen.

National will be rueing the day they decided to run a shabby hit against Winston Peters and his superannuation.

People will try and blame me for this loss for my constant “attacks” on National. They decided to take those as attacks and not advice, that is now their loss.

This will be good for the country eventually, we will finally have a proper and effective opposition to hold the government to account.

Nothing changes for me, I will carry on, but now I will be bashing a left-wing government, and that includes Winston Peters.

Bill English and his young upstarts who tried leaking some details yesterday are the ones who blew this. They snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. A couple of extra cabinet seats wouldn’t have hurt…now the fools are all out of jobs.

It was always going to be a negotiation between Winston Peters and someone else…Bill lost that. He was the boss. He must go, and go quickly.


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