Face of the Day

It turns out your pet knows exactly what they’re doing when they look longingly up at you.

That’s according to new research out of the UK that found dogs use facial expressions to communicate with people.

The research found dogs produce more facial movements in front of people.

That includes raising their eyebrows or making their eyes appear bigger when they’re ignored, or presented with a tasty treat.

“What they’ve learnt to do is look to us for direction… and for the goods, and for information,” Mark Vette, dog behaviourist said.

“Running at you, bumping you with their nose, looking you straight in the eye, looking at something else and trying to get your attention.

“All of those things are very much part of a dogs way of getting you to engage with them.”

So those puppy dog eyes really are a thing.

“They look as puppyish and sweet and smoochy as possible of course because that achieves a lot more than being grumpy and aggressive,” Mr Vette said.

Kate Vinson started her own dog walking business “Paw Project”, and says there’s no doubt these pups know what they’re doing.

“I definitely think you can tell a lot by a dog’s eyes especially,”Ms Vinson said

My puppy is coming up to a year and she’s training me well.   Her facial expressions are slowly getting decoded by me, the thick human.

I love the one where she stands there and stares me down.  When I ask “what”, she flicks her eyes to the treats.

The interesting thing is that she only does that once or twice a day.

But she also tells me other things.

“you forgot the feed me again, doofus”

“open the ranch slider or you’ll need paper towels”

“just exactly how long are you going to work on Whaleoil?  It’s time for a run!”


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