Face of the Day

Yes Mr Peters.? I’ve already had enough.

The cruel twists of politics have left me in a situation where I now want to see you come to maximum political harm in the shortest amount of time.

I suspect you have signed your party’s death warrant.? ??

The order to execute the warrant is just under three years away, which gives you the opportunity to surprise enough voters to not only keep the party around, but give you another term.

In other words, I’m expecting you and your party to do the impossible and make us deeply impressed with the way you have handled this opportunity.

If not, I can assure you that I won’t be alone in trying to prevent you from ever being in a place where you can make these kinds of decisions again.

I realise the National party forced your hand and placed you in this position.? But you could have slept on it and tried again the next morning.? ?Sneaking through the backdoor and giving the keys to the brand new car to a prime minister you don’t rate, supported by a party you won’t talk to, is simply not acceptable.

You wanted a legacy?? You’ve got one now.? You also have two years to turn it around to the point where not only the voters but also the world’s commentators express surprise at how this coalition arrangement produced one of New Zealand most unexpectedly stable and successful governments.

You’ve given yourself a hell of a handicap.? You’ll have to do better than John Key while babysitting a bunch of incompetent ego driven lightweights.? ?I just don’t see it happening.


– Pete