Fairfax has more Fake Winston News

Fairfax ran an editorial this morning saying Winston Peters was negotiating to reduce the MMP threshold from 5% and trying to cut a deal with an electorate seat.

Winston Peters wants to reduce the 5 per cent parliamentary threshold for political parties, the barrier that kept his party out in 2008. Peters’ own interests are obvious, but his unique position as kingmaker means he might now get his way on this. Labour or National might decide to give him a lower threshold as part of the coalition horse-trading.

Predictably the anti-Peters brigade have jumped all over this, if it wasn’t for just one little thing.

It is Fake News. Winston Peters has called it out, but he really does have to start using the term Fake News on these chumps.

Fletcher Tabuteau and Ron Mark have both posted Facebook messages about this, which appear to be from Winston Peters:

Fairfax claimed before 446,287 votes were even counted in the 2017 General Election that I was holding the country to ransom.

Second, that I had tried to get a deal on an electorate seat.

Today’s editorial is slovenly and deceitful in the extreme and it begins by saying I want to reduce the 5 per cent parliamentary threshold for political parties. What is so bad about that lie is that it is so blatant.

On the review of the electoral system, to which political parties made submissions, New Zealand First submitted that the threshold should remain at 5 per cent. That view was made public by us and was widely broadcast at the time.

That being the case, why have you attempted to deceive readers for the umpteenth time where New Zealand First is concerned?

In 24 years New Zealand First has never tried to do a deal with another political party prior to the election.

Would you please tell your readers where you get your evidence, or is making it up as you go along your professional forte?

If Fairfax would like to explain, it may clear a few things up. Meanwhile that is a complete denial of what is supposedly going on with negotiations.

It is safe to say Fairfax leads in the Fake News stakes at the moment.




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