Former Act Party leader fantasises about a Jacinda-Bill gettogether

Richard Prebble writes

So the first thing Bill English should do is start being a leader.

Pick up the phone. Ring up Jacinda and say: Let’s set some sensible rules for any coalition.

Rule one: New Zealand is not a secret society, it is an open democracy. Let us publish all of Winston Peters’ demands.

Rule two: All policies must be costed. Let us instruct the Treasury to cost all of Peters’ demands and publish the costings.

Rule three: Neither party will agree to any coalition until all the policies are published and have been costed.

Nothing will moderate Peters more than publication.

Bill should then say to Jacinda: “If Peters will not agree to these rules why not form a grand coalition? That is what most New Zealanders want.

“We can form an interim government and put these rules into law. The Treasury will be instructed to cost all parties manifestos.

“If the minor parties refuse reasonable coalition rules, let us say we will abolish MMP and hold a new election under First Past the Post”.

If Jacinda Ardern refuses to agree then her credibility will be zero.

Then Bill should ring James Shaw: “James the Greens are already being cut out of the negotiations. Do the Greens want to continue their 18 years of being totally futile? Here is my offer – National is serious about climate change. We are willing to offer you the position of Minister of Climate Change.

“Either the Greens are serious that climate change is the biggest issue facing New Zealand or you are really reds flying under a green flag.”

And the third person Bill should ring would be Peters: “Here are the rules Winston. We are telling the public what your demands are. We will not agree to any policy that is not fully costed.

“National is willing to offer you Foreign Affairs”. (The further away the better).

“National is willing to discuss your policy requests but we will tell the public what you are asking for.”

Why not a Grand Coalition with all four parties?  Talk about change!  Talk about a mandate!!

That excludes ACT of course.  As ACT have already ruled themselves out.


– NZ Herald


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