The hilarious politically correct move by Playboy magazine that will seal its fate

Claire Green is trying to find love but gets rejected by straight men for having ‘male parts’ DailyMail

If you are a red blooded male you are not allowed to only be attracted to biological women these days. Nope, if you do not find transgenders attractive you are a bigot according to a number of transgender activists.

Playboy magazine must share this belief as incredibly their first issue after the death of Hugh Hefner will be the first ever to feature an openly transgender playmate. I am seriously tempted to buy it just to see if she still has her meat and two veg. Speaking of veg don’t you think that a transgender playmate is the pornographic version of veggie bacon?



I don’t know what Playboy are thinking, trying to sell a substitute for women as the real thing. Real meat lovers don’t eat veggie bacon. Vegetarians eat veggie bacon. Despite this pretty obvious fact Playboy magazine has decided to try to educate heterosexual males about the seductive capabilities of other men, dressed, plucked, hormonally drugged and surgically cut (or not) to resemble the real thing.

[…] Ines Rau, 26, calls posing fully nude a celebration of her “coming out”; but some fans are upset over her inclusion and say they’ll stop buying it as a result

The Paris-born fashion model has featured in Playboy before, but she’s making history as the first transgender Playmate with a pictorial and centrefold.

“I’m an advocate for anyone who is scared to be who they really are because they fear being judged or rejected,” says Rau.

“They should be empowered by their differences and not be who society tells them to be.”

Transgender model Ines Rau, 26, calls posing fully nude a celebration of her “coming out”; but some fans are upset over her inclusion and say they’ll stop buying it as a result

If Playboy is now a feel good, accept your differences, politically correct magazine I look forward to their next issue where red-blooded heterosexual men will be introduced to the seductive capabilities of really fat women. I am sure that would make history too although I am not sure how many magazines they would sell.

While Playboy itself is heralding Rau’s photoshoot as progress, some of their customers are making their unhappiness known on the magazine’s official Facebook page.

“When I open a Playboy, I expect to see women, not some guy who identifies as a woman, or some former male who has had the surgery to become female,” says Bob Reid.

“I really don’t think that I am a Neanderthal for having this view, and most men that I know feel the same… Bye-bye Playboy, you have lost me as a reader and supporter.”

“If they have Playboy and Playgirl, why can’t they just publish a third called Playidontknowwhatthef**kiam magazine?” added Mike Allyn.

Other fans cheered the move.

“This fits the traditional thinking of Hugh Hefner and parts of The Playboy Philosophy brilliantly. It’s about sexual liberation,” says Raymond Karlsson. […]

I think that Playboy has missed the boat on this one big time. Heterosexual men want to look at beautiful naked women, not men who look like beautiful women. They don’t buy Playboy to be educated about accepting people for who they are they buy it to get turned on. When they didn’t know that model lnes Rau was a biological man no one cared but once she jumped out of the transgender closet the complaints started. That should tell Playboy something.



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If you agree with me that’s nice but what I really want to achieve is to make you question the status quo. Look between the lines, do your own research. Do not be a passive observer in this game we call life.