It’s oh so quiet

Mike Hosking is the next person forced to fill empty space saying that he knows nothing

So today’s the day. Well, it could be tomorrow. But the general expectation is that the meeting is held sometime this week some sort of decision is made, and we will all be put out of our misery.

The interesting bit is, we can’t call it. There hasn’t been a leak, there isn’t a whisper.

When you’re reduced to wondering out loud whether Jacinda Adern’s wink on a Facebook post means anything, you know none of us have the slightest idea.

Those who are predicting things are doing so out of self-interest, guesswork or theory, nothing more.

Yes and no.

I happen to know what Winston was aiming for.  But yes, if he’s changed his mind, we have had no clear signal that he has.

There is logic to virtually any outcome.

From my perspective, I can’t lose.  Either the country will be in relatively stable hands, or blogging is going to be the best ever.

Credit: Luke

– NZ Herald


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