Jacindamania doesn’t work past our borders

We’re heading for a “don’t blame us, blame the government” phase when talking to our friends overseas.  Like many others, they don’t understand what happened here because they weren’t driven to insanity by a media hell bent on turning Jacinda into our own Political Celebrity, complete with a new-age supportive almond-milker at home.

…NZ’s sheep population and to a lesser extent its cattle will find themselves the uncomfortable butt of even more fart jokes as the NZ power troika move relentlessly toward Labour’s target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, damaging its sheep meat exports and dairy export industries.

With just 4.69 million people, and about 30 million sheep and 10.4 million cattle, you know which sector will bear the brunt of the No Farts rule.

Peters has long played kingmaker on both sides of the political fence to gain political power. He was deputy Prime Minister in coalition with a National Party government and Foreign Minister in coalition with a previous Labour government.

He even lost his seat in his own electorate at the recent election — which says something but the regard with which he was held by those who knew him best.

The tragedy for New Zealand is that its Labour Party was once praised globally for its economic initiatives if not for its loopy ideas on social and defence policies.

The economic miracle that existed over the past nine years had its genesis in reforms that were engineered by Labour Finance Minister Roger Douglas who swept away the stagnating statist policies heavily regulated economies after the Muldoon conservative government lost office in July, 1984.

Oh yeah.  But that stuff “failed”.  So now we’re going full on Chavez with a Green conscience.

God help us all.


The Daily Telegraph


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