By Jacinda’s fruit we shall know her

Credit: Luke

Because listening to her, she’s going to do the impossible and make everyone happy.  Talk, talk and more talk.

Prime Minister-elect Jacinda Ardern told TVNZ 1’s Q+A programme that her Government will be more proactive in intervening where the market is failing New Zealanders.

“My view is that there is no point to gloating about the economic growth of a nation if you have some of the highest homelessness in the developed world or if you have high child poverty rates.”

“I will always be mindful of New Zealand’s credit rating, of our standing, of our position as being a nation that is looked to as a place that is free from corruption, has stable government, has a high ease of doing business; those markers matter to me. But so do the markers of success for an individual. I want their wages relative to inflation to be better. I want their housing to be more affordable. I want their kids to be able to access all the services they did. Those markers of success are just as important to me.”

Ms Ardern said she would be attending APEC next month and New Zealand remains open for trade.

” We are a free and fair trade party. We are not closed-minded in the role that we have to play in the world.”

“Look, I’ve operated in an international environment, albeit a slightly different one, before. I’m used to different forms of negotiation in that kind of environment. Absolutely everyone brings their own interests to the table; that’s what a negotiation is. That’s what we’ve just had for the last 10 days. But my job will be to advocate on behalf of New Zealanders – both homeowners, potential homebuyers and exporters.”

She’s going to look after everyone.

Signs she’s trying to calm the voters that lost out.  Who are, in general, the ones owning homes, businesses and doing overseas trade.





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