Labours #chickban in full force

Remember Labour’s Manban?? ? The commitment to have a 50/50 gender split.? It’s not really working for them.

Ardern has released a list of 16 Cabinet ministers and five ministers outside Cabinet, including all 12 MPs on its current front bench.

Just seven of the 21 are women, six of whom are in Cabinet.

That is fewer than National which had nine in total, including seven inside Cabinet – and was often pilloried by Labour for its lack of representation.

In a way, if you can’t even solve an internal party structure issue like that, how are you going to solve child poverty???

In a Newshub debate during the election campaign, Ardern had said she believed Cabinet should be 50/50 female and male and would make it a target.

However, even the five ministers outside Cabinet chosen by Ardern herself rather than by caucus included just one woman – Meka Whaitiri.

Ardern said she was “spoiled for choice” in terms of talent and experience – but admitted she was disappointed at the gender balance.

Male Labour MPs are still screwing the scrum.? They don’t want their jobs taken away from them just because they have a penis.

I can’t say I can blame them.

Politics is brutal and it should be those with the pointiest elbows that rise to the top.


– NZ Herald