Lawbreakers and bullies win again: police tell law-abiding citizens not to have a meeting

An auction of militaria including high powered firearms due to be held at a Wellington school this weekend has been cancelled on the advice of police.

Michael Dowling of the Council of Licensed Firearm Owners said the police recommended postponing the event after protests turned violent at the defence industry conference in the capital this week.

“The organiser has demonstrated they are being responsible, their concern was for the safety of the people attending the auction, but also for the protection of the property and protection of the school’s property if someone wanted to get violent in protesting.”

This is pathetic.

Basically, the police are saying they are not prepared to defend law-abiding people having a public meeting because some people might turn up and break the law because of it.

This is the wrong message to send.

Expect more social justice bullies to call the police’s bluff.

I can’t find the words to express how unsatisfactory this is.  None that are publishable.

We’re going backwards in this country.  Our developing ideas of what Law and Order is have been eroded to the point where police ask us to go hide from bullies just to prevent an incident.

Who wins?




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