How do you meet a target to fix a problem that doesn’t exist?

Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner Jackie Blue

Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner Jackie Blue, when interviewed on The Nation, said that she thinks that “we can and we should” fix the [mythical] gender pay gap within 10 years rather than the earlier prediction of thirty years.

The gender pay gap is not real. It is a made up idea based on dodgy statistics where apples are compared with pears. If it was real they would be able to show examples of a man and a woman in the same profession with the same qualifications and experience earning different amounts but they can’t because that simply does not happen.

Because a male nurse and a female nurse with the same qualifications and time on the job earn the same and male and female high school teachers with the same qualifications and experience earn the same, statistics have to be massaged to create a gap.

One of the ways they do it is to claim that female doctors earn less than male doctors. To prove this they do not compare two GPs who both have the same qualifications and have been practising for the same amount of time. They instead add up the earnings of male and female doctors over many years who are in different areas of medicine and work out an average earning for the sexes. This ignores the fact that many female doctors take time off to have children and that many choose to be the lower paid GP’s rather than surgeons or other fields with longer hours because they want to fit their career around having a family. Their different choices and time off reduces their average earnings.

These different choices are the much complained about gender pay gap that Jackie Blue wants to fix. The only way to fix a gap that is caused by different choices is to force women to choose differently.

Let that sink in.



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