Either someone is taking the proverbial, or the NZ Herald’s political reporting has jumped the shark:

Jacinda Ardern dined on schnitzel at the Green Parrot tonight – a favoured Wellington haunt of kingmaker Winston Peters.

But if the Labour leader was hoping to see Peters on her maiden voyage to the establishment she would have been disappointed – staff said while Ardern “loved her meal”, Peters was nowhere to be seen.

The New Zealand First leader is still in negotiations to decide who he will go into Government with. The result could be announced tomorrow but may take longer.

Newstalk ZB’s political editor Barry Soper said the trip to the Green Parrot was a first for Ardern but if she’d been hoping for an extra audience with Peters before final coalition talks wrap up tomorrow, she missed him by a day.

Peters had dined the night before but he was a no show tonight, Soper said.

“Perhaps Peters got wind of Ardern’s plans and gave his preferred restaurant a wide berth. He was dining elsewhere in the city.”

Ardern came in with a small group, staff said, who stayed to enjoy their meals before leaving.

Soper named her dining companions as Labour’s Kelvin Davis, who was at the Parrot a few tables away from Peters the night before, Grant Robertson and Annette King.

Everyone eats at the Green Parrot as?its about the only place open.

Good to see Jacinda chose well cooked meat and not the prawn cocktail.


– NZ Herald