No hard feelings John, but no one gives a stuff what you think anymore

Next leader? Who cares?

John Key’s phone must have stopped ringing, so he’s decided to come out and offer up his advice for coalition negotiations.

Sir John Key may describe himself as little more than an interested observer, but the former prime minister has been talking to his successor during the post-election period.

Key said it was only natural given his longstanding relationship with caretaker Prime Minister Bill English, but refused to say whether he had offered any advice on coalition negotiations.

“It’s natural I had a discussion with him, and we’ll probably leave it about there,” he said, speaking at new Trading Room at the University of Canterbury on Monday.

An alumnus of the university, Key was tasked with opening the facility at the Business School – a simulation of a trading floor complete with stock tickers and rolling business news.

The former trader used a business metaphor while discussing the process of forming a Government, saying there had to be a willing buyer and a willing seller.

While he wanted National to be part of the next Government, he would not say which of the two major parties he thought New Zealand First would support.

“National and New Zealand First have proven they can work together successfully in the past, and so has Labour, that’s the nature of the beast, so, look, they’ll decide,” he said.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has been criticised for not sticking to his self-imposed deadline of last Thursday to reveal what parties he would work with.

But Key, while saying New Zealanders would be looking forward to a result, seemingly defended the extension by pointing out the complexity of coalition negotiations.

“Ultimately whatever make up it is, the future government will be judged on its performance probably more than the time it’s taken to put together,” he said.

“This is MMP, it’s a reality of the way it works, it’s not always pretty but in the end it’s delivered governments for New Zealand.”

What a dickhead. He saw this coming and bolted for the door that’s how much he cared about the situation. Now he has the temerity to offer up his opinion.

Piss off. He quit, that means STFU.

We don’t care anymore what he thinks. What an attention seeking effwit…phone stopped ringing eh John?

No hard feelings, eh?




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